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Centro Educativo Suelo Sano

    Located in the barrio of Las Parcelas in the village of Escamequita, Nicaragua, Suelo Sano Education Center occupies an acre of land along a streambed in the foothills, alongside a re-forestation project, and just steps away from Hostel Lomas del Bosque.  Suelo Sano, which translates as "Healthy Soil" is the site of Pure Mind Retreat's permaculture and natural building workshops, and the future site of a thriving food forest.  

   Although the climate of this part of Nicaragua is well suited for agriculture, due to drenching seasonal rains followed by months of drought, there is very little fertile topsoil on most farms.  It is the goal of Suelo Sano to teach methods of permaculture that encourage soil growth and water retention, and to show the benefits of healthy soil and a healthy ecosystem.  Additionally it is a goal of Suelo Sano to teach methods of natural building that are less damaging to the environment, contribute less to global warming, and are economically feasible for local families.

Healthy Soil Permaculture
Watermelon Festival
Bosque Comestible
Retreat Center
Cob Workshop
Food Forest
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