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      Luis Sabor has based his entire adult life on the simple philosophy of following Spirit with Good Intention.  A life rich with experience in music, art, and travel, supported by a career in the service industry.  Eschewing all organized religion and consciously choosing the life of an average American wage earner, Luis nevertheless routinely found sanctuary in meditation, and somewhere around 1989 experienced a brief yet infinite Pure Consciousness Event.  Luis subsequently returned to the world of craving and delusion, but with a newfound understanding.  Soon he realized that Buddhism, which need not be considered a religion, is based on this same understanding.  

       Like the Buddha, Luis experienced the joy and suffering of marriage and fatherhood.  Unlike the Buddha, it was with great reluctance he left this behind, and with the pain of separation came a greater understanding of attachment.  Traveling for months throughout Central America,  it  was in 2012 that Luis first fell in love with San Juan del Sur, Nicaragua.  And so when he produced the documentary on creating your reality "A Place To Sit,"  Nicaragua was an obvious location choice.  During the segment on Isla Ometepe featuring Project Bona Fide,  Luis was inspired to create a similar project closer to San Juan del Sur.   Some time passed and  the land in Escamequita was found that would eventually become the site of Suelo Sano Education Center.


      Suelo Sano is a Nicaraguan Foundation for the benefit of people worldwide, promoting sustainable systems of living by teaching permaculture, natural building and renewable energy.  The foundation is the recipient of all profits made by workshops at the Suelo Sano Education Center, located in Escamequita, Nicaragua in the department of Rivas just South of San Juan del Sur.

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